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EventOps and Intelligence platform purpose-built to support modern event marketing teams. Plan and analyze events with intelligence to derive better ROI from your event marketing engine.

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One platform for your event marketing needs

The success of event marketing teams should not be dependant on siloed tools. EventHQ unifies data from all your event, CRM, customer success and relevant tools to help you device better ROI from events marketing.


Take control of your EventOps by unifying event approval workflows, budgeting & scenario modeling, Goals & ROI trackers, and forecasting into one single tool.


With EventHQ being the universal source of truth for your events data, we help you derive intelligence on your audience, revenue, and events to help you make data-driven decisions.


Automate speaker, sponsor & vendor management, emails, digital signage, and QR code ticket printing to save time for event marketers who can focus on the bigger picture.

Power up your events marketing

Event Approval Workflow

No more missed emails with work and excel attachments. Streamline your event workflow process.

Budgeting & Scenarios

Take a data-backed approach toward your event strategy powered by our intelligence.

Goals and ROI tracker

Set goal and track every engagements and the outcomes of each event.


Numbers are just numbers until you know what to look at. EventHQ turns your event data into insights.

Outcome Forecasting

Forecast your event outcomes with historical data of events and their goals and ROI.


A host of solutions that will help you focus on your events and automate the repetitive tasks.

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Frequently asked questions

The nitty-gritty of our business that you'll probably ask yourself later

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What is EventHQ

EventHQ Inc is a US headquartered B2B SaaS company. EventHQ is an EventOps and intelligence platform to help enterprise companies run and make their event operations and marketing more productive.

What’s the difference between EventOps and Event Management?

Event management encompasses the entire process of planning and executing an event, while event operations specifically refer to the hands-on management of logistical, staffing, and operational aspects during the event's execution phase. Both aspects are critical for the success of an event, with event operations ensuring that the carefully planned details are executed flawlessly on the day of the event.

Why focus on your event operations? 

There has been a significant rise in recent years in the number of events, event types and the tech stack needed to execute events. The increase in tools and tech used by companies has led to a problem- scattered data. This is a major problem for companies that have been trying to streamline their data management efforts to gain better insights into revenue and outcomes. Virtual event platforms do not solve this problem, rather many contribute to the problem by creating silos for marketing & revenue. EventHQ solves this problem from a bottom-up approach, ensuring the unification of event data to help event planning, insights and revenue attribution all under one hub.

What is EventOps?

Event operations refer to the specific tasks and activities that take place during the execution phase of an event. Event operations encompass the hands-on management of various elements to ensure that the event runs smoothly and according to plan. This includes but is not limited to logistics management, vendor coordination, event staff management, sponsor coordination, speaker coordination, attendee management, etc. 

Can you use EventHQ for event management?

EventHQ is robust enough to handle your event management, even though it is built for EventOps. Event management tools are designed to assist with tasks such as defining event objectives, choosing a venue, budgeting, marketing, registration, program development, logistics planning, and more. While EventHQ can assist with certain event management tasks, a complete event management strategy may involve a combination of tools to cover all aspects of planning, execution, and post-event analysis. 

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