Top Conferences to attend as an Investor in 2024

Apr 3, 2024

Picking the right conferences each year can be a little daunting with the multitude of events that happen every year. This article gives you a list of some of the top conferences for you to attend this year. So, jump onto the event bandwagon and start attending this year’s significant conferences as an investor.

“One of the purposes of life, and selfishly, what makes people happy, is building things that are impactful,” says Dustin Moskovitz, Co-Founder at Asana

A new year entails a new series of conferences that you cannot miss out on. And we’ve got you covered. Check out our curated list of conferences that would be beneficial for you to attend as an investor. 

The Best Conferences to attend in 2024

With the advent of various top-notch conferences that include both in-person and digital events, this year is sure gonna be eventful. Here’s a guide to attending the most inspiring conferences of the year. Let’s take a look at the best conferences in 2024.

1.1. SaaStr Annual 

Dates: September 6–8, 2024

Location: SF Bay Area


Ticket Price: Early Bird ranges from US$749 to US$1,698

SaaStr Annual is an annual conference that focuses on software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry trends, best practices, and networking. The conference typically features keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and opportunities for professionals in the SaaS space to connect and share insights. Topics often include scaling SaaS businesses, product development, marketing strategies, and industry innovations. It plays a crucial role in shaping the future of SaaS by providing a platform for knowledge exchange and fostering a vibrant community within the ecosystem. 

1.2. SaaStr Europa

Dates: June 4–5, 2024

Location: London


Ticket Price: US$516.47 to US$930.47

With a whopping 4000 SaaS founders, VCs, and executives, the 5th SaaStr Europa is something to look forward to. They offer 100+ sessions and workshops, 2000+ brain dates and mentorship sessions, and 500+ VCs. Every session, experience, and moment is completely tailored to SaaS founders, investors, and executives. Specifically for the Europa event, they bring some of the best U.S. and international SaaS fan favorites directly to London. It's all here to help you and your team scale. If you are a B2B founder, executive, revenue leader, or investor, SaaStr 2024 is a must-attend event!

2.1. SaaStock Dublin

Dates: October 14–16, 2024

Location: Royal Dublin Society, Dublin


Ticket Price: €550 to €850 

“If you only make it to one European tech conference, choose SaaStock for practical, relevant, and immediately applicable takeaways for you and your startup.” Zoe Chambers, Frontline.

SaaStock is the world’s most impactful conference for the SaaS community. They bring together the highest concentration of SaaS decision-makers from around the world to build relationships and accelerate opportunities. From start to finish, SaaStock is all about facilitating human connections. This is a unique platform to showcase your offering to your customers and top prospects and build your pipeline of qualified leads. 

2.2. SaaStock USA

Dates: May 13–15, 2024

Location: Palmer Events Center, Austin, TX


Ticket Price: US$599 to US$999

SaaStock USA brings together 1500+ SaaS founders, investors, and operators—your peers, customers, and prospects. Whether you prefer a strategic approach through our AI-powered networking app or bumping into someone organically at the bar during the opening party, they’ve got it covered. SaaStock USA brings together the highest concentration of SaaS decision-makers from around the world. This is an opportunity to meet SaaS pioneers, learn from the best, and network with potential customers. This is your chance to cement your position in the North American B2B SaaS market! 

3. SaaSInsider’s SAASCON

Date: August 22-23, 2024

Location: Bengaluru


Ticket Price: TBD

SAASCON is designed to provide a platform for networking and creating opportunities for attendees, especially startups, within the global SaaS community. SAASCON23 will bring together a curated group of 1,000 vetted attendees, including founders, investors, C-level executives, and SaaS luminaries. This is your chance to connect with different types of people from the industry and forge valuable connections. 

4. SaaSCon

Dates: April 17, 2024

Location: Marriott Grand Ballroom, Newport City


Ticket Price: Register to reserve your slot.

A great venue to discover the latest trends and solutions in the B2B SaaS and AI world, with a content-packed event and exhibit. The perfect networking opportunity for founders, investors, customers, and the media. SaaScon PH ’23 was the first event of its kind in the Philippines and attracted 1,000 SaaS founders and leaders, prominent tech investors, customers, and influencers. SaaScon PH ’24 promises to be even bigger, with the best speakers and panelists discussing the latest trends in AI-enabled B2B SaaS, a packed exhibit area with best-in-class solutions and platform providers, and a whole day of networking and growth opportunities!

5. AWS re:Invent

Dates: December 2–6, 2024

Location: Las Vegas, NV


Ticket Price: N/A

AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by AWS for the global cloud computing community. The in-person event features keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities, 2,000+ technical sessions, the Expo, after-hours events, and so much more. The event is ideal for anyone who wants to transform their business with the cloud, hear the latest innovations with AWS, explore new technology, and level up their cloud-computing skills to advance their career. 

6. SaaSBoomi

Date: March 7-8, 2024

Location: Chennai, India 


Ticket Price: Ranges from INR 8000 to INR 25000

SaaSBoomi Annual 2024 will bring cutting-edge thinkers to help SaaS founders think about repositioning their startups to take advantage of new opportunities and ward off new disruptions. Growth in the age of AI will be a guiding theme of the event. At the same time, they will roll up their sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty of building and scaling SaaS businesses. Their tactical workshops and stage content are free from fluff. Every piece of SaaSBoomi Annual 2024 will be the outcome of four months of discussion and planning by scaled founders. Just like a good Indian thali, there will be a mix of sessions to cater to every stage of SaaS growth, from 0 to 1 and beyond. 

7. SaaSiest

Date: April 16–17, 2024

Location: Slagthuset, Malmö, Sweden


Ticket Price: Ranging from 499 EUR to 999 EUR

SaaSiest is the largest community-driven B2B SaaS event in the region, and now they’re bringing you SaaSiest 2024! The Ultimate B2B SaaS Experience is once again taking place in Malmö, Sweden. For two full days, 1200 founders, executives, and VCs gather under one roof to share experiences and best practices. Engage in meaningful networking and relationship building, all with a focus on propelling your career and business to new heights! SaaSiest's mission is to provide a forum for all European SaaS professionals to share and learn from peers across all operational disciplines! We empower you with the knowledge to grow faster than ever before!

8. Slush

Dates: November 20–21, 2024

Location: Helsinki, Finland


Ticket Price: Register to view ticket prices

Slush has grown from a single gathering of 250 people in 2008 to an annual event bringing together the most relevant people in the startup ecosystem from around the globe. It is a platform for startups, investors, and corporate partners to connect, network, and do business with various sessions, workshops, networking events, and a showcase of the latest startups and technologies. Attending the Slush conference in Helsinki is a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. The conference brings together a diverse range of industry professionals, providing a unique platform for networking and collaboration.

9. Tech Crunch Disrupt

Date: October 28–30, 2024

Location: San Francisco


Ticket Price: Sign up for ticket updates

Disrupt—the original startup conference—stays fresh, relevant and focused on founders, investors, and the future of tech year after year. Whether you’re a startup rookie learning the ropes, a seasoned investor searching for the next big thing, or a founder hell-bent on changing the world, Disrupt delivers the tools, knowledge, and connections to help you make it happen. 

10. Recurring Revenue Conference

Date: November 9, 2024

Location: Culver City Hilton


Ticket Price: Join the mailing list for ticket updates.

The Recurring Revenue Conference is the #1 SaaS and Cloud Conference in Southern California. This one-day event attracts CEOs, CROs, CFOs, CMOs, leading investors and Cloud executives. Expect 20+ sessions that include keynotes, fireside chats, breakout sessions, roundtable topic-led discussions and lots of networking. Sutton Capital Partners is proud to present the latest trends, disruptions and timely topics, from analytics and customer insights to how leaders and companies scale, pivot and succeed to what SaaS leaders and investors need to know.

11. Web Summit 2024

Date: November 11–14, 2024

Location: Lisbon


Ticket Price: Pre-register for ticket information.

Web Summit 2024, set to take place in Lisbon from November 11-14, is acclaimed as the place „where the future goes to be born”. This event is one of the largest and most significant tech conferences in the world, bringing together over 70,000 people, including a diverse array of companies redefining the tech industry. Web Summit is known for its wide-ranging impact, networking opportunities, and as a platform for the latest innovations in technology.

12. Venture Atlanta

Date: October 8–9, 2024

Location: Atlanta


Ticket Price: Price information will be up in April.

Supporting the Southeast’s most promising tech companies by connecting founders and funders through one of the nation’s largest venture capital conferences and communities. The Venture Atlanta Conference has evolved from a two-day, high-caliber event into a full-blown community dedicated to bringing innovative companies, disruptive technologies, and top-tier investors together.

As investors, attending these conferences in 2024 proves indispensable if you seek to stay attuned to the pulse of global markets. Don’t miss out on these events, as they can truly become experiences of a lifetime.