The Vital Role of Videography in Event Marketing

May 22, 2024

Videography provides such priceless material for event marketing and storytelling. They can be useful for pre-, during, and post-event purposes. Here, we will show ways in which it will serve a purpose in all these aspects of an event. Let us see how. 

Pre Event

Social Media Promotional Content

When you upload pre-event videos for social media promotions, it’s visually appealing to the audience, builds anticipation and encourages people to attend. Consider visiting your event venue well in advance to get some videos of the venue that you can repurpose for social media, like venue sneak peeks and highlights.

This is from Dreamforce 2023 by Salesforce

Setting the right expectations with videographers

Choosing the right videographer for your event is crucial. As important as it is for you to have a videographer, it is equally important to ask the right questions and set expectations before engaging with one.  

Ask them questions like: 

  • How will the videography change for an indoor versus outdoor event? This can also be combined with a site visit.

  • How many videographers can we expect for the whole event?

  • How much does it cost, along with an itemized breakdown?

  • Will post production be part of the package? If yes, how many iterations can we have? If yes, how many bite-sized videos can they make out of the whole event?

  • Can they provide social media type reels and videos post event?

Clarify key information, like: 

  • What percentage of the videography do you want outdoor versus indoor?

  • What time of the day would you ideally want them to record most of the videos?

  • What is the payout going to look like? How much is the advance component, and is it refundable?

  • Would the photography team need to stay at the venue? Should they arrive in advance?

  • Ensure the agenda is shared in order for the videographer to prepare themselves when it comes to bandwidth, hardware and any on spot photo distribution involved.

  • It is better to check camera's positioning and lighting. It is better to ensure there is nothing obstructing the field of view.

During Event

The videography team needs to have constant communication with the organizing committee to understand the itinerary and cover everything important. Make sure videographers have the appropriate equipment to enable them to move around and be flexible when shooting in various environments and lighting conditions.

Pro Tip: Have extra memory cards, cameras, storage devices and alternate power sources handy to avoid any last minute surprises.

Some non-negotiables during the event:

  • The power source is essential for the camera and hardware to keep running throughout.

  • If you are recording a video, ensure the videographer is provided with a separate audio input.

Post Event

Videography doesn’t just end with the event. Care must be taken when converting it into tangible content. Collating all the files and uploading them to a drive is an important step. It is essential to have intro and outro videos for your event on social media. Keep in mind that video processing takes time so plan your content calendar accordingly.

Social Media-Friendly Content

This is from SaaStock Dublin 2023 by SaaStock

Videos are an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to post-event marketing.

They allow you to capture the essence of the event, showcasing key moments and highlights in a dynamic and engaging way. Furthermore, videos can easily be shared across multiple platforms, ensuring your content reaches a wider audience. 

This is from TNW Conference 2022 by TNW

For instance, whether it's a recap of the event, interviews with attendees, or behind-the-scenes footage, videos can be repurposed well after the event has ended. It helps keep the momentum going long after the event has ended. 

For example, create YouTube shorts and LinkedIn reels, as they’re shorter videos and tend to capture more attention as compared to longer ones.

Post snippets of the sessions that caught the most attention and post them as highlights.

Testimonials and Reviews

The above is a testimonial from SaaS Insider’s SAASCON23. We all know word of mouth and advocacy are the best forms of marketing. What better place to capture what your audience has to say than right at the event? Attendee testimonials tend to provide credibility and value to your event after it’s over. 

For example, make use of quotes from attendees and repurpose them into tangible content strategies for the future, such as using it as promotional content for your next event. 

Videography provides priceless material for marketing and storytelling. It is an essential event marketing strategy, and we showed how it can improve event narratives, emotional connections and social media engagement.

Angelin Bershiya Y