Blending Spaces: How EventHQ Balances Remote and In-Person Work

Dec 30, 2023

In the era of COVID-19, there was a seismic shift toward working from a remote location all over the world. It turned out to be more than just a requirement; for many people, it was a revelation. However, we have devoted a significant amount of time to contemplating the viability of working remotely over the course of a longer period of time. Here's our take on remote work and how we're navigating the balance between remote and in-person work.

Sustainability of Remote Work

The question isn't just about the viability of remote work; it's about its effectiveness over time. While remote work has its perks, the lack of physical interaction can impact team dynamics and collaboration. We believe that it can be successful, but it requires a well-defined structure and a certain frequency of in-person interaction. Meeting at least once every two weeks, for instance, strikes the right balance between remote flexibility and essential face-to-face collaboration.

Experience Matters

Our experience shows that remote work is more effective for team members with at least two years of professional experience. Why? Because they've already been exposed to structured work environments. They understand the rhythms of a workday, know how to manage their time effectively, and more importantly, they know when and how to reach out for collaboration or assistance.

The Challenge: Fresh Talent in the Workforce

Today's freshers face a unique challenge. Their initial exposure to structured work environments is limited, and the prevailing online narratives around work often lack context or misrepresent the realities of professional life. This is where the physical office plays a crucial role. Like osmosis, learning and absorbing work culture, ethics, and skills happen more naturally and effectively when you're physically present.

Beyond Expertise: Maturity and Discipline

At EventHQ, our decision to offer remote work isn't based solely on expertise; it's about maturity, discipline, and a keen sense of judgment. It's about understanding the nuances of when to ask for help and what questions to raise. Our aim is to foster a work culture where independence and responsibility are balanced with collaboration and support, regardless of the physical workspace.

As we move forward, we're continually evaluating and adapting our remote work policies to find the perfect equilibrium that suits our team and our business goals. We understand that the future of work isn't black and white; it's not a choice between remote or in-office work, but rather a flexible blend that takes the best of both worlds. At EventHQ, we are committed to creating a workspace that not only drives productivity but also nurtures learning and personal growth, wherever that may be.