EventHQ's Hiring Policy: Embracing Transparency and Discipline

Dec 30, 2023

Having been an employee in the past and a founder in the present, I've learned that the backbone of any successful startup is not just its innovative product or service but also its people. We believe it is not just those who are part of the team; even those willing to explore career opportunities with us need to be respected and have the right to as much information as possible.

That's why, at EventHQ, we've put a great deal of thought into our hiring policy. It's not just a framework for recruitment; it's a statement of our values and a roadmap for potential employees to join and grow with us.

The Philosophy of Openness and Discipline

Our approach to hiring is rooted in transparency.  This level of honesty sets the stage for a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

At EventHQ, we place the utmost value on transparency and discipline. These are not just buzzwords for us; they are integral to how we operate daily. Discipline in our work ethic ensures that we meet our objectives efficiently and effectively, fostering a culture of accountability and excellence. Transparency, on the other hand, is the basis of all our interactions, whether they're within our team, with our customers, or with our stakeholders.

We openly share salary ranges, ensuring that applicants know what to expect right from the start. By being clear and open in our communication and processes, we build trust and create a workspace that is honest, respectful, and inclusive. This commitment to discipline and transparency shapes every aspect of our operations and is pivotal in driving our mission forward.

Understanding Our Culture

We're upfront about our work culture, too. Yes, we hire quickly, but we also believe in maintaining a strong cultural fit. This might seem daunting, but it ensures that those who join us are aligned with our values and ready to contribute meaningfully. Our direct feedback approach and high standards are not for everyone, but they are crucial in building a resilient and dynamic team. We also understand that there is nothing wrong with not being culturally fit. For some people, it is just that they will shine better elsewhere.

On the flip side, we offer substantial benefits. From taking care of your meals to offering rapid growth opportunities, we ensure our team feels valued and motivated. Our outcome-oriented approach and flexible timing are designed to cultivate a productive yet balanced work environment.

Why does a hiring policy mean so much to us?

A well-defined hiring policy is more than just a recruitment tool; it's a reflection of a company's ethos and a key to building a strong, cohesive team. At EventHQ, it's our guiding light in navigating the ever-evolving journey of building a successful and sustainable business. Each element is something that we, as employees, wish could have been done better in our previous stints. Here are some of the items that have worked for both the company and its employees and candidates:

  • Our Take on Hiring Freshers

We take a distinctive approach to the recruitment of new talent. Although we do not directly hire right after college, we do provide a path to employment through internships while they are in their final year of studies. In addition to providing new talent with the exposure they require, this also ensures that their skills are aligned with our requirements and that they are culture-fit, which makes the transition to full-time roles as smooth as possible.

  • Structured Interview Process

Our interview structure, whether for engineering or GTM roles, is meticulously crafted to assess skills comprehensively. This structured approach helps us identify candidates who are technically proficient.

  • Growth and Development

We're transparent about growth trajectories, too. Understanding that career advancement is a key motivator, we've outlined clear paths for progression in both our GTM and tech teams. This clarity helps candidates envision their future with us and understand the opportunities for advancement.

  • Fair and Equitable Compensation

Our salary slabs are uniform across the company, reflecting our belief in the equal value of every role. This fairness in compensation is central to our ethos as an organization that respects and values each member's contribution.

  • Entrepreneurship Program

Recognizing that ambitions extend beyond corporate roles, we've introduced an entrepreneurship program. This initiative supports team members aspiring to start their ventures, reinforcing our commitment to their overall growth and success.

The Takeaway for Jobseekers

For those exploring career opportunities, our hiring policy is a window into life at EventHQ. It offers clarity on what to expect and how to grow with us. By being transparent and structured, we not only attract talent that resonates with our culture but also foster a workforce that is engaged, motivated, and aligned with our goals.

We strive to be one step better than the experiences we have had in the past, and the hiring policy is a work in progress. To be a part of EventHQ means to be a part of our growth and a chance to make this hiring policy even better!

What you see here is us, and we're proud of who we are and what we stand for.