The EventHQ Entrepreneurship Program

Jan 1, 2024

As founders of EventHQ and serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we deeply understand the value of nurturing entrepreneurial ambitions within our team. It’s a unique perspective we hold: recognizing that the journey with us, while invaluable, is just one chapter in the expansive careers of our team members. This understanding led us to create the EventHQ Entrepreneurship Program, an initiative close to our hearts.

Understanding the Entrepreneurial Spirit

We’ve always believed that the desire to explore, to create something new, and to embark on personal ventures is a natural progression of any professional’s journey. It would be unfair for us to expect our team to dedicate their entire careers solely to EventHQ. Instead, we see immense value in supporting their growth, even beyond the confines of our company.

For me, personally, transitioning from being an employee to a founder was a very interesting experience. It's a shift that takes you to a completely different playing field, one that’s less about individual contribution and more about starting to feel like Jack Sparrow. There’s a unique camaraderie among founders, reminiscent of the not-so-typical phrase: 'honour among thieves.' Even when we're in competing businesses, there's an underlying sense of support and solidarity. This mutual understanding and willingness to help one another is not born out of formal agreements but rather from shared experiences and challenges that all founders inevitably face.

The EventHQ Entrepreneurship Program

Our program is designed for those who have journeyed with us for three years or more. It's not just a reward; it's a recognition of their commitment and a testament to the skills and knowledge they've acquired during their time with us. Participants in this program receive comprehensive support for 12 months as they build and develop their own business ideas. This includes:

  • Resource Allocation: We make sure that new entrepreneurs have everything they need to get started, from technology tools to workspace.

  • Knowledge and Mentorship: We offer mentorship and guidance based on our own experiences as many times business owners. This includes regular one-on-one meetings, access to our network of experts in the field, and personalized advice on how to deal with the many problems that come up when you start a new business.

  • Fundraising Support: Getting money may be one of the scariest parts of being an entrepreneur. Our long-standing network and fundraising experience come in very handy here. We help our aspiring business owners get through this difficult process by giving them the exposure and connections they need to find the right funding.

Why This Matters to Us

As founders, we’ve experienced firsthand the impact of having a solid support system when starting out. The road to establishing a successful business is fraught with challenges, and having someone to guide you, offer practical advice, and open doors can make all the difference. This belief in the power of support is what fuels our entrepreneurship program.

Without Vijay Shankar's laptop, I would have not been able to do design [most of which required powerful computation], which was essential for starting up at the time. And it is not just Vijay - we are where we are because of help from a lot of people and I am grateful to every single person.

Being a part of SaaS Insider has helped expand my network across domains. We have experts who are willing to help startups and young people succeed from legal to accounting to dedicated mentorship to whom we can make easy references to. I’ve encountered numerous instances where this unspoken code of conduct among founders has come into play. One remarkable aspect of this is the sharing of profile references. If a candidate, though talented, doesn’t fit into our tech stack or company culture, it’s not uncommon for us to refer them to other founders who might be in need of such skills. This practice is a testament to the collaborative spirit that thrives even amidst the competitive nature of business.

End of the day, just like how I am a part of the Freshworks mafla and Hari is part of both Freshworks and Zoho mafia, we want to have EventHQ mafia one day