Growth Trajectory at EventHQ

Jan 1, 2024

To know more about growth trajectories at EventHQ, check out the EventHQ Careers page for updated information.

Joining a new company is more than a career move; it's a pivotal life decision. At EventHQ, we recognize the profound impact this choice can have, and that's why we've dedicated ourselves to ensuring that every team member's career trajectory is as clear, flexible, and growth-oriented as possible.

Charting your Path

We understand that career paths are not always linear and we encourage our team to look beyond the confines of their current roles. For instance, a customer success professional who excels in understanding customer pain points might find their skills perfectly suited to a role in product management. The key is in how one leverages their existing skill set to address new challenges. It's about recognizing transferable skills and applying them in ways that can bring fresh perspectives to different roles.

One of my advisors, now a distinguished marketing leader, began his career as a sales account executive. His journey is a prime example of this adaptability in action. His sales background has given him a unique edge in his marketing role. Where typical marketing strategies might focus solely on metrics like MQLs or SQLs, he approaches with a revenue-centric mindset. His discussion always starts with 'What percentage of this project make revenue?' and usually ends with 'Let's execute if this project is going to make revenue'. This shows the spirit of gowth.

That's why we've designed a system that not only charts a clear trajectory for your growth but also remains adaptable to the ever-evolving landscape of our business and your personal aspirations.

Check out the EventHQ Careers site for Growth Trajectory, Salary Slabs and Hiring Policy

Internal Job Switch

At EventHQ, internal job postings are a vital part of our ecosystem. Want to shift functions or explore a different role within the company? We encourage it. Every internal posting is an opportunity for our team members to stretch their wings, delve into new challenges, and discover where their passions and skills can take them. This approach aligns perfectly with our belief in fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability. An important note to remember is that internal job postings, crucial for those seeking to shift between functions within our company, are treated with the same seriousness and opportunity as external postings. This approach is fundamental to our belief in nurturing internal talent and encouraging cross-functional growth.

Hiring external managers or promoting internal talent?

This is a chicken and egg problem than we cannot have a defined answer for as it depends on various factors like skillset, commitment, experience and people skills.

The journey to $1M is not the same to $10M ARR, it needs a different skillset and expertise. We as a team should adapt to new requirements and embrace changes on each milestone and up skill ourselves.

Our preference is to always promote internal talent, but there are some roles and responsibilities that need skills that we do not posses and we have to hire external talent in those cases.

Your Best Self, Our Shared Goal

Reflecting on our own experiences as former employees and now founders, we have firsthand knowledge of the importance of being given chances to explore roles beyond our initial job descriptions. This freedom to explore and contribute to different facets of the company was instrumental in bringing out the best in us. It's a philosophy we wholeheartedly embrace at EventHQ.

We want our team members to experience this same opportunity for discovery and growth. If you show a keen interest and aptitude in a function outside your current trajectory, we're here to support that exploration. Our aim is to help you become the best version of yourself, both professionally and personally.